Women’s Health & Medical Society

Club Description

The Women’s Health & Medical Society serves to:

  1. Promote the principles of osteopathic medicine in the pursuit of excellence in women’s health and wellbeing 
  2. Support the local community through service and responsible advocacy
  3. Provide professional fellowship for LECOM students
  4. Construct a collaborative network for students, faculty, and alumni mentors in the field of osteopathic obstetrics and gynecology


PRESIDENT: Sumona Munshi

VICE PRESIDENT: Elizabeth Gernet

SECRETARY: Jessica Prashad

TREASURER: Corey Clarke

News & Events

  • On June 24th, 2022 the United States Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe Vs. Wade, giving states the power to decide abortion laws. What does this mean for healthcare? What does this mean for students as future physicians? What are the reasonings…
  • Come join the Women’s Health and Medicine Society to learn about careers in Radiology! Currently, only about 25% of radiologists are women. The Women’s Health group at Allegheny General Hospital- Pittsburgh, and LECOM alum, will be speaking to WHMS-Erie about the perks…
  • Women’s Health and Medical Society will be collecting your scrubs to have embroidered with personalizations for 10$! Having a set of personalized scrubs will be a staple in our future clinical lives. Grab a pair to send in!
  • Dr. Esper, Dr. Coughlin and Dr. Wahoff will discuss their experiences as being women and mothers in medicine.