Student Osteopathic Medical Association

Club Description

SOMA’s mission is to improve the quality of health care delivery to the American people and the world. We plan to do this by contributing to the welfare and education of osteopathic medical students, as well as establishing lines of communication with other health science students and organizations. We strive to familiarize our members with the purpose and ideals of osteopathic medicine to prepare them to meet the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the osteopathic medical profession, and to ultimately promote Osteopathic ideals and unity within our profession.


Club Advisor: Dr. Jack Lee

President: Raelynn Dorscheid

Vice President: Priya Bandyopadhyay

National Liaison Officer: Zach Breeden

Secretary: Henry Brak

Treasurer: Ryan Garich

News & Events

  • SOMA will be selling the Small Equipment package for students for the History and Physical course. The small equipment package will include a Dejerine Reflex Hammer, 128 Tuning Fork, 512 Tuning Fork, Penlight, Pocket Eye Chart, Hospital Gown, Draping Sheet, and optional…
  • As MS1 students take Anatomy before moving into Core during first semester, SOMA students who are MS2s will provide a short review of the material and high yield topics and the opportunity to ask questions for the MS1 students to focus their…
  • SOMA students will lead review sessions to help guide students on study strategies as MMS students get acclamated to the rigor of LECOM curriculum. These sessions are requested by the MMS students. As MMS students work through Fall semester, SOMA students who…
  • SOMA’s Opioid Task Force Co-Director, Heather Chafe has arranged for Dr. Kulesza to give a special lecture event to the club as well as any other interested LECOM students! He will be giving a talk on the mesolimbic pathway via Zoom. The…