Allies Club

Club Description

Allies Club is focused on fostering connection and community for all LGBTQIA+ students and allies at LECOM. As a club, we aim to be a safe space that celebrates and affirms all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions. Allies Club will also work to raise awareness about important LGBTQIA+ issues both within and outside of healthcare. During meetings, we plan on hosting social hours, games, picnics, craft projects, movie nights, trivia, and many more activities! Feel free to come by and hang out!


President- Joanna Nielsen

Vice President- Sophia Martin

Secretary- Amelia Kilduff

Treasurer- Kitae Jung

Social Media Manager: Ezri Yuen

Club Advisor- Dr. McCarthy

News & Events

  • Lip Sync Battle is back, this time Virtually! Teams will be asked to submit videos of themselves performing lip sync prior to a certain date. Then, viewers will donate money to their favorite team! The team that receives the largest donation wins!
  • SOMA will be selling the Small Equipment package for students for the History and Physical course. The sale will be completed via an online link (
  • CMDA will be selling winter beanie hats, winter headbands, scarves and backpacks in our Winter Accessory Sale. Make sure to grab some winter LECOM gear to keep you warm as it starts to get colder out. These items also make great winter Holiday gifts!