Club Description

The Neurology/Psychiatry club offers the chance for anyone interested to learn about these specialities, build connections with physicians in these fields, shadowing opportunities, and  volunteer opportunities in the community. We bring in guest speakers to share and talk about their journey through medical school/residency and how they developed an interest in their fields. 


PRESIDENT: Jasmine Issa

VICE PRESIDENT: Salvador Hernandez

SECRETARY: Brandon Chin

TREASURER: Kirat Bhangu

News & Events

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  • We will be guiding club members through a lumbar puncture with Sim Club using mannequins. Students will learn how to perform spinal taps taught by Dr. Jung.
  • We will be providing an opportunity to learn additional nerve release techniques from Dr. Hendryx and have the opportunity to practice on each other. This will be run similar to an OPP lab, but will focus on neurological topics and techniques.
  • Students and their family members will have the opportunity to purchase flowers for their white coat ceremony.