Club Description

SOSA is the official section of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (ACOS), and the local SOSA chapter at LECOM is one among the COM (Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine) that strive to promote the goals of SOSA at local and national levels. Medical students who obtain membership in LECOM SOSA are encouraged to continue their interest in the surgical specialties, to become proactive in the surgical field, to participate in the ACOS activities and governance, and to promote the fundamental principles:

  1. Stressing the understanding of osteopathic principles in relationship to disease in the practice of surgery;
  2. Helping to promote education in the field of surgery, including gowning and gloving, scrubbing, sterile technique, suturing and tying techniques, operating room behavior, instrumentation, universal precautions, osteopathic manipulative management of the surgical patient, pre and post-operative management of surgical patients, and surgical documentation; and
  3. Providing a forum for discussion amongst students and surgeons.

By becoming a SOSA member, medical students can gain access to national resources, such as research, scholarships, and other opportunities.


  • PRESIDENT: Tristan Palmer
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Birkaran Sadhar
  • SECRETARY: Westin Yu
  • TREASURER: Rebecca Cyrek
  • National Liaison: Mohammed Ashkar

News & Events

  • ACOS will be holding its annual Columbia Jacket Sale from October 10th-October 24th! An interest form will be dispersed prior to gauge student interest in each jacket color/design, so be on the lookout!
  • ACOS-MSS at LECOM Erie is ecstatic to announce their item donation drive for St. Martin Center, an organization that is “…proud to serve Erie County families and individuals each day with programs that help meet their most basic needs and programs that…
  • ACOS would like to welcome ALL MS1s to sign up to attend a mock practical in preparation for your first anatomy exam! The mock practical will consist of both a written and oral component and will be written by Dr. Kulesza.
  • The surgery club is planning to host a SIM club skills clinic on Sunday, April 3rd, and Monday April 4th for all 2nd year students to be able to sharpen skills that will be extremely important for their clinical rotations. we plan…