Club Description

The Mentoring Club of LECOM meets with school-aged children once a week at the Erie Heights YMCA Kids Club, located right around the corner from LECOM.  The mentors spend time each week forming lasting relationships with the children while acting as positive role models.  They organize special events for the children on Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  The mentors also bring the children to Erie Bayhawks games, ice skating, and other fun field trips that these children may never have had the chance to experience before.  Being a mentor is a rewarding experience, and it only takes an hour a week to make a difference in the lives of these children and in the community of Erie.


PRESIDENT: Julia Davis


VICE PRESIDENT: Aubry Chickerella

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SECRETARY: Adam Slayton


News & Events

  • Looking to fill a spot on your laptop? Want a small burst of sunshine on your iPad? Then look no further than the Mentoring Club sticker sale! Mentoring Club is selling official sticker packs that include a logo design created by the…
  • Weekly volunteering with Mentoring Club is on! Come help make a difference in the life of students, and play some dodgeball while you’re at it!
  • This event will help raise finds for the club to carry us through the rest of the year! Additionally, it’ll be a great ice breaker for everyone to g 9o know the kids we tutor and mentor for the rest of the…
  • Help support the mentoring club by eating chipotle on our sponsored chipotle night!