Student Association of the American College of Family Physicians

Club Description

Our mission statement: to strengthen the relationship between students, faculty members, and other student organizations while promoting excellence in osteopathic family medicine through quality education and responsible advocacy.


Jan 2022 – Dec 2022:

  • President: Benjamin Sallavanti
  • VP: Katherine Dobosh
  • Secretary: Lauren Fong
  • Treasurer: Michele Robillard
  • National Liaison: Zach Sturmi
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Erin Pfeffer

Jan 2021 – Dec 2021:

  • PRESIDENT: Bonnie Nguyen
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Jane Kwong
  • SECRETARY: Chelsea Grey
  • TREASURER: Sean Pazurchek

News & Events

  • We will be officially electing in our new SAACOFP e-board. Applicants have already submitted their candidacies. All are welcome to join and learn more about the family medicine club!
  • SAACOFP will be hosting our annual pin sale fundraiser. Pins for each of the following systems will be offered: Anatomy (full body), MSK (gold femur), Neurology, Cardiology, GI, Respiratory, Renal, Endocrinology (gold pancreas), and Dermatology. Pins are $5 for the 1st one…
  • SAACOFP and SAAO will be holding an Essential Items Drive to support medical professionals serving at the front lines in Ukraine from 11/9 – 11/18. Please sign up to donate items in the attached spreadsheet and kindly drop them off in the collection box located…
  • SAACOFP (Family Medicine Club) will be hosting our annual white coat embroidery fundraiser for the Class of 2025 and 2026. We will be offering name and LECOM logo embroideries ($10 each or $20 both). White coats will be collected in the cafeteria…