Student Association of the American College of Family Physicians

Club Description

Our mission statement: to strengthen the relationship between students, faculty members, and other student organizations while promoting excellence in osteopathic family medicine through quality education and responsible advocacy.

Becoming a SAACOFP member is FREE! By becoming a member you will gain access to all of our speakers, volunteering events, scholarships and other opportunities.

We provide great networking opportunities with other medical students, residents and attending physicians. We have a variety of speaker to showcase all of the opportunities/possibilities you can have while practicing as a family medicine physician. Even if your passion isn’t family medicine we have speakers on various residency tips and trick, as well has different practice models such as direct primary care.

Club Activities include: * Asbury Woods Invasive Species Clean Up * Donation Drives * Guest speakers on topics such as what to look for in residency programs, what is direct primary care, how to implement OMT into your practice and many more. * Fundraisers include: white coat embroidery sale and our pin sale

We provide students with the opportunities to get involved with ACOFP (American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians) on a national level.

Next years ACOFP conference will be in New Orleans, Louisiana! This is a GREAT networking opportunity with students and physicians from around the United States who are all passionate about being an osteopathic family physician! Last years conference included a student session that included an OMT workshop and a skills workshop.

Come prepare yourself for life after medical school and join SAACOFP!


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Ortoski

President: Michael Matteis

Vice President: Edwin Zhu

Secretary: Janet Johns

Treasurer: Samuel Calkins

Volunteer Coordinator: Aaliya Khaja

Co-National Liaison: Bryce Selman

Co-National Liaison: Jung-In Park

News & Events

  • Please join us for guest speaker: Dr. Katherine Lincoln, DO, MHA, who serves as the wound healing & hyperbaric medicine specialist at Guthrie Medical Group, Sayre, PA, for an educational session on the subspecialty of wound care.  Dr. Lincoln was a family…
  • Please join us for guest speaker: Dr. John Kalata Jr, D.O., program director of FM residency at Millcreek Community Hospital for tips and inputs on residency applications. Food will be served!  5:30pm on Tuesday, April 9th @ Vora Lounge
  • Please join us for a History & Physical review session! 5:30pm on Thursday, March 14th @ OPP Lab We will be hosting an H&P review session for MS1 on techniques such as taking blood pressure, exams of the eyes, ENT, MSK, abdomen,…
  • SAACOFP will be selling Anatomy, Cardio, Endocrine, Renal, Respiratory, and GI pins to CELEBRATE the completion of these systems. Additional pins for the following systems will also be offered: MSK (gold femur) and Neurology (brain). Pins are $5 each. They can be…