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SAAO T Shirt Apparel Sale

SAAO is selling club t-shirts to members to generate club spirit and funds for our convocation trip.

Anatomy Mock Practical 2

ACOS-MSS will be hosting the second anatomy mock practical on September 19th. This will be open to ACOS…

OMM in a Clinical Setting

If you’ve ever wondered about the precise application of the OMM techniques cultivated in OPP lab, your curiosity…

Anesthesiology Club Fundraiser at Chipotle

LECOM Erie Anesthesiology Club is having a fundraising event at the Chipotle at 6611 Peach St, Erie, PA…

Female Physician Panel

Dr. Mary Crowe, DO, Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Jeniffer Couhglin, DO, Emergency Medicine, and Dr. Jeffress, MD, OB-GYN, MD…


Student Clubs


Club Description

ACOS-MMS is the official section of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (ACOS), and the local ACOS chapter at LECOM is one among the COM (Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine) that strive to promote the goals of ACOS at local and national levels. Medical students who obtain membership in LECOM ACOS are encouraged to continue their interest in the surgical specialties, to become proactive in the surgical field, to participate in the ACOS activities and governance, and to promote the fundamental principles:

  1. Stressing the understanding of osteopathic principles in relationship to disease in the practice of surgery;
  2. Helping to promote education in the field of surgery, including gowning and gloving, scrubbing, sterile technique, suturing and tying techniques, operating room behavior, instrumentation, universal precautions, osteopathic manipulative management of the surgical patient, pre and post-operative management of surgical patients, and surgical documentation; and
  3. Providing a forum for discussion amongst students and surgeons.

By becoming a ACOS member, medical students can gain access to national resources, such as research, scholarships, and other opportunities.


President: Alisha Weinstein

Vice President: Matt Waibel

Secretary: Delayna Evans

National Liaison: Jenna Walter

Treasurer: Phil Costa

Advisor: Dr. Risavi

News & Events

  • ACOS-MSS will be hosting the second anatomy mock practical on September 19th. This will be open to ACOS members only!
  • ACOS is hosting a volunteering opportunity at the Second Harvest Food Bank Warehouse on September 9th! There will be a sign up link for those who are interested.
  • Dr. Abby Bennett is a new LECOM graduate who matched General Surgery at University of Buffalo this year. She will be sharing her journey throughout medical school, including in the classroom, rotations, and the surgery residency process. There will also be a…
  • LECOM ACOS-MSS is excited to give members an opportunity to obtain an International Trauma Life Support Certification. It will consist of several lectures as well as hands-on skills stations with a practical at the end. This is an opportunity for members to…


Student Association of the American College of Family Physicians

Club Description

Our mission statement: to strengthen the relationship between students, faculty members, and other student organizations while promoting excellence in osteopathic family medicine through quality education and responsible advocacy.

Becoming a SAACOFP member is FREE! By becoming a member you will gain access to all of our speakers, volunteering events, scholarships and other opportunities.

We provide great networking opportunities with other medical students, residents and attending physicians. We have a variety of speaker to showcase all of the opportunities/possibilities you can have while practicing as a family medicine physician. Even if your passion isn’t family medicine we have speakers on various residency tips and trick, as well has different practice models such as direct primary care.

Club Activities include: * Asbury Woods Invasive Species Clean Up * Donation Drives * Guest speakers on topics such as what to look for in residency programs, what is direct primary care, how to implement OMT into your practice and many more. * Fundraisers include: white coat embroidery sale and our pin sale

We provide students with the opportunities to get involved with ACOFP (American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians) on a national level.

Next years ACOFP conference will be in New Orleans, Louisiana! This is a GREAT networking opportunity with students and physicians from around the United States who are all passionate about being an osteopathic family physician! Last years conference included a student session that included an OMT workshop and a skills workshop.

Come prepare yourself for life after medical school and join SAACOFP!


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Ortoski

President: Bricarah Thull

Vice President: Jordan Nichols

Treasurer: Melissa Brignardello

Secretary: Noah Seguljic

National Liaison: Jacklyn Adebayo

Volunteer Coordinator: Jillian Calabro

News & Events

  • SAACOFP is hosting our annual pin sale. Commemorate your accomplishments with a pin for each system we have completed!  This semester we will be selling pins for anatomy, MSK and neuro with more pins to come as we complete more systems. Collect…
  • SAACOFP will be hosting a Clean-Up Day at Asbury Woods on Saturday, May 6th from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Come enjoy the outdoors while helping to maintain the trails and grounds to ensure they are accessible to the community! Our focus…
  • We will be officially electing in our new SAACOFP e-board. Applicants have already submitted their candidacies. All are welcome to join and learn more about the family medicine club!
  • SAACOFP will be hosting our annual pin sale fundraiser. Pins for each of the following systems will be offered: Anatomy (full body), MSK (gold femur), Neurology, Cardiology, GI, Respiratory, Renal, Endocrinology (gold pancreas), and Dermatology. Pins are $5 for the 1st one…

Class of 2025


PRESIDENT: Nevin Anderson

VICE PRESIDENT 1: Sanjana Ravi


SECRETARY: Muhammed Alam

TREASURER: Louisa Warnke

LDP REPRESENTATIVES:  Cassandra Holub, Rebekah Moshier, Salmman Ahmed

PBL REPRESENTATIVES: Alec Basile, Chris Pusatere


PCSP Representative: DJ Pfeiffer

News & Events

  • Help support the PM&R Club and order a custom lapel pin to go with your white coat! AOCPMR will be having a pin sale fundraiser for the Class of 2024 and Class of 2025. Pins are $5 each. Online orders via Google…


Club Description

The Christian Medical and Dental Society (CMDA) is a national organization of physicians, dentists, and medical and dental students who strive to integrate their Christian beliefs within the health care that they provide. As a student chapter, CMDA attempts to achieve this through fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and communication with the local graduate chapter and the national office. CMDA encompasses five core themes to its mission, which are: (1) whole person medicine, (2) medical and dental ethics, (3) medical and dental missions, (4) medical and dental marriages, and (5) sharing our faith in Jesus Christ. With chapters in nearly every U.S. medical and dental school, CMDA provides opportunities for fellowship with other Christian health profession students at LECOM as well as at other schools.


President: Meghan Graeca

Vice President: Michelle Ju

Advisor: Dr. Leah Labranche

News & Events

Dermatology Club

Club Description

The mission of the LECOM Dermatology Club is to provide a community of academia, support, and resources to medical students interested in the field of dermatology. As well as raise awareness for interest in a future residency in dermatology, strengthen application competitiveness, and introduce novel exposure to the field.


President: Peter Baldwin

Vice President: Daniyal Hasan

Secretary: Uzma Jafry

Treasurer: Millanjit Kaur

National Liaison: Arianna Feller

Club Advisor: Noelle R.J. Thielman

News & Events

DO2 Max Athletics

Club Description

Welcome to DO2 Max club! Our goal is to provide an athletic outlet for students during the week. We organize and run different events throughout the week to give LECOM students a friendly and supportive environment to compete in. During the spring and fall we have soccer, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball; however, we are always open to suggestions! All are welcome regardless of ability or previous experience, so let’s have some fun!


President: Brittany Gable

Vice President: Melissa Zhang

Secretary: Fiona Pashollari

Treasurer: Miryam Makutonin

Advisor: Dr. Kulesza

News & Events

  • DO2 Max will be having a spring raffle with 3 winners earning running and LECOM gear! A google spreadsheet will be posted on the DO2 Max facebook page. You earn points towards the raffle by walking or running for the week Aril 5-11.
  • Be a Part of the Polar Plunge! Come join members from LECOM as they participate in the Polar Plunge on Saturday November 16th! Use the link below to sign up to plunge or donate to our team! Check out LECOM's team fundraising page for Special Olympi

Emergency Medicine Club

Club Description

The Emergency Medicine Club provides students with an interest in Emergency Medicine the opportunity to learn, develop and practice skills that are pertinent to Emergency Medicine. The practice of these techniques will benefit students during their rotations and residency. The EM club serves as a centralized source of information to expose students and provide opportunities for those interested in a career in EM. The club operates through its commitment to osteopathic medicine and participates in service activities within the Erie community.

Club activities include:

  • Radiology review, suture clinic, IV clinic, intubation lab, surgical airway lab, ultrasound clinic
  • Guest speakers on topics regarding pursuing a career in EM from different perspectives: 4th year medical student, resident and attending
  • Community service projects: Refugee health fair, Relay for Life, and Celebrate Erie
  • Fundraising


PRESIDENT: Jillian Calabro

VICE PRESIDENT: Gabrielle Bell

SECRETARY: Melissa Brignardello

TREASURER: Branden Carson


CLUB ADVISOR: Brian Risavi

News & Events

  • LECOM Emergency medicine is selling waterproof ‘Survival Kits’ to promote and raise funds for the club. Each bag will contain items such as an emergency blanket, cold pack, whistle, bandages, flashlight, etc. This bag will make a nice gift for student’s family…
  • We would like to give our members the opportunity to hear from Dr. John Queen from Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Dr. Queen specializes in Emergency Medicine & Internal medicine. He would like to come to talk to EM Club members about navigating…
  • We would like to give our members the opportunity to hear from current residents at St. Elizabeth Boardman Hospital in Ohio. Dr. Pauline Phung would like to come to talk to EM club members about Emergency Medicine as a career and answer…
  • LECOM Emergency medicine is selling waterproof ‘Survival Kits’ to promote and raise funds for the club. Each bag will contain items such as an emergency blanket, cold pack, whistle, bandages, flashlight, etc. This bag will make a nice gift for student’s family…

Internal Medicine Club

Club Description

The Internal Medicine Club is devoted to educating medical students on the various aspects of being an internist. Goals of the club include educating students on the specialties available to internists, what to expect on an Internal Medicine clerkship, and other current issues that may arise in the field of Internal Medicine. Past speakers have included but are not limited to: Cardiology, Hematology, Oncology, Internists, and Pulmonologists.


President: Sarah Centore

Vice President: Meghan Graeca

Treasurer: Karishma Kumar

Secretary: Madison Sharpe

Advisor: Dr. Carmine D’Amico

News & Events

  • Dr. Gregory Wilson will be doing a virtual Q&A session open to all internal medicine club members. Dr. Wilson is a LECOM graduate who now works as a Rheumatologist with the Mount Nittany Physician Group. After his residency in internal medicine, Dr….
  • Dr. Annette T. Carron will be giving a virtual presentation to the Internal Medicine Club about “How to Succeed on Rotations.” Dr. Carron graduated from the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1991 and completed her fellowship in Geriatrics. Club members will…
  • Internal Medicine Club will be holding a community service event at the Glenwood YMCA Wednesday, March 29th, 2023 from 5:30 – 7:30PM to offer complimentary blood pressure checks for community members! This is a great opportunity for students to practice taking blood…
  • Dr. Steven Graeca is an osteopathic physician working in internal medicine. He graduated from Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1997 and completed his residency in internal medicine at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, PA. At this Q&A session for…

International Medical Society

Club Description

International Medical Society is LECOM’s primary organization focused on international health. Members bring with them their experiences from serving on overseas mission trips from countries such as Uganda, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic to name a few. As students of the club are passionate about serving both locally and globally, we encourage others to participate in medical mission trips and further connect students to service opportunities. IMS also prides itself on its active involvement serving the Erie community by helping the myriad of refugees in Erie. Throughout these opportunities, the International Medical Society hopes to offer members a glimpse into international healthcare practices and public health.


Club Advisor: Dr. Sarah McCarthy

President: Melinda Dacri-Kim

Co-Vice Presidents: Amal Saeed & Cindy Lam

Treasurer: Porsche Lee

Multicultural Community Resource Center (MCRC) Coordinator: Amulya Kullkarni

News & Events

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American Medical Muslim Student Association (AMMSA)

Club Description

The American Medical Muslim Student Association (AMMSA) is an organization created to provide a common outlet for LECOM’s Muslim student population. As part of LECOM’s student body, the AMMSA seeks to positively change the surrounding community through service and outreach. The AMMSA places a particular emphasis on using the unique cultural perspective of its members to interact with populations in a way that both complements and enhances the work of other service organizations.


Co-President: Muhammad Khattak & Sumrana Nazib

Secretary: Arisha Bakhtiyar

Treasurer: Shahnaaz Sakkaria

Event Coordinator: Abdulmuhaimin Khatib

National Liaison: Abdullah Khaja

Club Advisor: Dr. Alaeddin Abukabda

News & Events

  • The AMMSA will be selling LECOM-branded Patagonia jackets to students and staff. These high-quality winter jackets will give students the opportunity to express pride in their school while staying warm. Don’t miss your chance to purchase an exclusive LECOM Branded Patagonia! Contact…
  • AMMSA LECOM invites you all to our Chipotle Fundraiser to raise funds for our club’s initiatives.  Our fundraiser will take place Wednesday, September 6th between 5:00-9:00 PM at 6611 Peach Street, Erie, PA, 16509. Please show the attached flyer to ensure a…
  • Hello everyone! The American Medical Muslim Student Association is holding a Blaze Pizza (1930 Douglas Pkwy, Erie, PA 16509) Fundraiser on Monday, May 15th from 5:00-9:00 PM. You can order online using code: 1209A or bring the attached flyer in/show it on…
  • During the Islamic month called Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset for 30 days and end with a celebration called Eid ul Fitr. AMMSA-LECOM would like to invite you all to our Eid Celebration on April 28th at 7:00 PM at…

Mentoring Club

Club Description

Mentoring Club is a service-based club that allows LECOM students the opportunity to volunteer at the Erie Heights Kids Club, a local nonprofit, on a weekly basis. A TOUCH qualified volunteering opportunity, we aim to bring joy & entertainment to the kids through fun games and holiday celebrations. Through Mentoring, LECOM students are able to build connections with the kids and have a positive impact on the local Erie Community.


President: Aloki Mehta

Vice President: Miryam Makutonin 

Treasurer/Secretary: Zack Barile 

News & Events

  • Looking to fill a spot on your laptop? Want a small burst of sunshine on your iPad? Then look no further than the Mentoring Club sticker sale! Mentoring Club is selling official sticker packs that include a logo design created by the…
  • Weekly volunteering with Mentoring Club is on! Come help make a difference in the life of students, and play some dodgeball while you’re at it!
  • This event will help raise finds for the club to carry us through the rest of the year! Additionally, it’ll be a great ice breaker for everyone to g 9o know the kids we tutor and mentor for the rest of the…
  • Help support the mentoring club by eating chipotle on our sponsored chipotle night!

Military Medicine Club

Club Description

The Military Medicine Club works to unite the LECOM students of all the military branches and their supporters. The Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen work together to prepare for their respective military trainings and provide advice on how to be successful in the military society. The Military Medicine Club also hopes to raise awareness, at LECOM and in the community, for the unique health problems facing today’s military. LECOM military students feel honored to have the opportunity to take care of America’s heroes in the future.


President: Branden Carson

Club Advisor: Dr. Shabloski

News & Events

Neuropsych Club

Club Description

Neuropsych club serves to enhance students’ interests in the fields of neurology and psychiatry, as well as further the education of the student body as a whole. Our goal is to give opportunities for students to gain experience in these fields through physician discussions and hands on experiences. Through membership, students will learn more about these specialities, build connections with current physicians, and gain access to volunteer and shadowing opportunities to encourage proactivity in their careers.   


President: Zackery Barile  

Vice President: Emma Zielinski 

Secretary: Roman Patungan 

Treasurer: Anushka Sukhramani 

Public Relations: Paula Shinder 

Event Coordinator: Uzma Jafry 

Oncology Club

Club Description

This club will be of special interest to anyone that foresees a profession in Oncology. With that being said, cancer patients often have many other health conflicts other than their cancer, frequently from subsequent complications by chemotherapy. This club will offer insight into these patients’ lives and treatments to better sympathize and better treat your patient in any field of medicine.


PRESIDENT: James Nordstrom

VICE PRESIDENT: Shahnaaz Sakkaria


TREASURER: Sumrana Nazib

EVENT COORDINATORS: Trisha Mehta and Rachna Reddy

News & Events

  • Oncology Club presents our annual Donation Drive for the Erie Cancer Wellness Center from April 3-17! We will be surprising them with all the items on their current wishlist. Please sign up to donate using the attached spreadsheet in the email that was…
  • Pediatrics and Oncology Club will be presenting a guest speaker, Dr. Louis Rapkin in a virtual Q&A session on March 30 at 5 pm. He is a Pediatric Hematologist and Oncologist at UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh and will be discussing his…
  • LECOM Oncology Club and the Student Research Association invites you to join us at our very first Cancer Research Symposium! Our goal is to introduce students to the rapidly growing field of cancer research and hopefully spark interest in such a significant…
  • Oncology Club would like to welcome all members to attend a Q&A session with Dr. Richard Riedel, who is currently the Program Director for the Hematology-Oncology Fellowship at Duke University. Dr. Riedel will provide insight into a profession in Oncology and the…

Pediatrics Club

Club Description

The Pediatrics club is a club open to all students who are interested in the specialty of Pediatrics or who are interested in learning more. The goal of the Pediatrics Club is to provide opportunities for students to be exposed to events dealing with children and medicine, raise awareness for childhood illnesses, provide talks from pediatric specialists and residency programs, and garner a general understanding of the field of pediatric medicine. The Pediatric Club fosters to inspire fellow medical students and members to pursue different interests and to become involved in the welfare of the Erie community.


Club Advisor: Dr. Colleen Cole-Jeffrey

President: Rachna Reddy

Vice President: Deepika Nagabhushan

Secretary: Rachel Kohler

Treasurer: Suriya Thompson

Social Media Coordinator: Aloki Mehta

News & Events

Radiology Club

Club Description

Our mission is to promote the ideals of the Radiology discipline, provide support, guidance, and opportunities for medical students interested in the field of Radiology, and to give back to the Erie/LECOM community.


President: Gabrielle Bell

Vice President: Alexa Peters

Secretary: Cindy Lam

Treasurer: Emma Zielinski

Club Advisor: Dr. Randy Kulesza

News & Events

  • Interested in radiology? Radiology club is hosting a speaker event on Tuesday, Oct 11 at 6:30-7:30 pm over zoom. Come and learn about how to prepare for residency applications and set yourself up for success! We are happy to announce our three…
  • Join us in welcoming Dr. Henry Wei, a LECOM alumni, is currently a diagnostic radiologist PRG-1 at West Penn Hospital. He will discuss various topics on matching radiology, the innerworkings of diagnostic radiology, and hold a Q&A. This virtual event will take…
  • Members who paid dues will be able to pick up their T-shirt for Radiology club upon request approval and order placement through a local ERIE company.


Student American Association of Osteopathy

Club Description

The Student American Academy of Osteopathy has been organized by students of osteopathic medical colleges with 2 goals in mind. 

1) To acquire a better understanding of osteopathic principles, theories and practice, which include

  • helping students attain a maximum proficiency in osteopathic structural diagnosis and treatment
  • fostering a clear concept of clinical application of osteopathy in health and disease 

2) To improve public awareness of osteopathic medicine so that the community may better take advantage of the benefits provided by the complete health care concept of osteopathic medicine.


President: Nicholas Cherico

Vice President: Jacklyn Adebayo

Secretary: Kennedi Roman

Treasurer: Jet Murphy

National Liaison: Bricarah Thull

Advisor: Dr. Stephany Esper

News & Events

  • SAAO is selling club t-shirts to members to generate club spirit and funds for our convocation trip.
  • If you’ve ever wondered about the precise application of the OMM techniques cultivated in OPP lab, your curiosity is about to be satisfied. We invite you to mark your calendars for October 18th at 5 p.m., where we’ll gather in the OPP…
  • SAAO is selling chances to win an OPP table (portable massage table). Tickets will be sold from August 5th to August 15th at the following prices. 1 ticket for $1.00, 3 tickets for $5.00, and an arm’s length (12 tickets) for $10….
  • Become a member of the SAAO and join us for our fall forums to practice your OMT skills!

Student American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics (SAOAO)

Club Description

The orthopedic surgery club is for students interested in exposure orthopedic medicine. The club strives to expose members to orthopedic principles and help them interact with current orthopedic residents so they can better understand how to obtain an orthopedic surgery residency spot.


President: Jeremy Berger

Vice-President: Bailey Kiser

Treasurer: Phil Costa

Secretary: John Condon

National Liaison: Christopher Groetsch

Club Advisor: Dr. Joshua Tuck

News & Events

  • Lip Sync Battle is back, this time Virtually! Teams will be asked to submit videos of themselves performing lip sync prior to a certain date. Then, viewers will donate money to their favorite team! The team that receives the largest donation wins!
  • SOMA will be selling the Small Equipment package for students for the History and Physical course. The sale will be completed via an online link (https://www.steeles.com/products/lecom-soma-student-discount-order-form).
  • CMDA will be selling winter beanie hats, winter headbands, scarves and backpacks in our Winter Accessory Sale. Make sure to grab some winter LECOM gear to keep you warm as it starts to get colder out. These items also make great winter Holiday gifts!



Club Description

Simulation’s mission is to reinforce the classroom material with clinical knowledge that students otherwise might not get until rotations or residency, giving our student body a head-start on developing clinical skills. During each monthly meeting, we go over two case scenarios chosen and presented by a volunteer from among our members, assisted by our faculty advisors Dr. Sabirov and Dr. Coughlin. The cases are run as real clinical scenarios where we as members are encouraged to critically think about how we want to treat and diagnose the patient. Details for each case include history, exam, vitals, and lab and imaging results. The intent is to put what we’re learning in the classroom to practical use in preparation for rotations and, eventually, residency.


President: Andrew Bode

Vice President: Zach Smith

Secretary: Roman Patungan

Treasurer: Porsche Lee

Advisor: Dr. Sabirov & Dr. Coughlin

News & Events

  • Simulation Club is hosting a Cardio Intervention and Skills Night! Dr. Sabirov and Dr. Coughlin will be presenting a patient case using a high-fidelity training mannequin. This case will be highly interactive from diagnosis all the way through treatment! Following the simulated…
  • Ever see one of your friends post their baby’s ultrasound image and have no idea what you are looking at? Join us for an introduction to ultrasound! We will be hosting two physicians that will each demonstrate a different ultrasound technique and…


Student Osteopathic Medical Association

Club Description

SOMA’s mission is to improve the quality of health care delivery to the American people and the world. We plan to do this by contributing to the welfare and education of osteopathic medical students, as well as establishing lines of communication with other health science students and organizations. We strive to familiarize our members with the purpose and ideals of osteopathic medicine to prepare them to meet the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the osteopathic medical profession, and to ultimately promote Osteopathic ideals and unity within our profession.


Club Advisor: Dr. Jack Lee

President: Raelynn Dorscheid

Vice President: Priya Bandyopadhyay

National Liaison Officer: Zach Breeden

Secretary: Henry Brak

Treasurer: Ryan Garich

News & Events

  • SOMA will be selling the Small Equipment package for students for the History and Physical course. The small equipment package will include a Dejerine Reflex Hammer, 128 Tuning Fork, 512 Tuning Fork, Penlight, Pocket Eye Chart, Hospital Gown, Draping Sheet, and optional…
  • As MS1 students take Anatomy before moving into Core during first semester, SOMA students who are MS2s will provide a short review of the material and high yield topics and the opportunity to ask questions for the MS1 students to focus their…
  • SOMA students will lead review sessions to help guide students on study strategies as MMS students get acclamated to the rigor of LECOM curriculum. These sessions are requested by the MMS students. As MMS students work through Fall semester, SOMA students who…
  • SOMA’s Opioid Task Force Co-Director, Heather Chafe has arranged for Dr. Kulesza to give a special lecture event to the club as well as any other interested LECOM students! He will be giving a talk on the mesolimbic pathway via Zoom. The…

Sports Medicine Club

Club Description

The mission of the Sports Medicine Club is to provide the education, application and the experience of sports medicine to students. On a monthly basis, Sports Med doctors meet with us and train/explain numerous techniques, methods and exercises they use in their practices.

The purpose of our club to is to expose students who have an interest in Sports Medicine to the field, as well as educate the community on proper the conditioning necessary to live a long healthy active life.


President: Adam Wilson

Vice President: Nick Miramonti

Secretary: Raelynn Dorscheid

Treasurer: Noah Braun

National Liaison: Noah Finsterbusch

Club Advisor: Dr. Christopher Rial, DO

News & Events

  • Dr. Rial, a Sports Medicine physician at the LECOM Health Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship program and sports medicine club advisor, will be giving an introductory presentation to sports medicine and doing a Q&A for club members.
  • Mackenzie's Mission hosted by Sports Med, International Med, and Oncology Club


Club Description

Sigma Sigma Phi (SSP) is an honorary osteopathic service fraternity. This society not only requires its members to excel inside the classroom, but also emphasizes service to the community.

Objectives and Purposes:

– To further the science of osteopathic medicine and its standards of practice – To improve the scholastic standing and promote a higher degree of fellowship among its students – To bring about a closer relationship and understanding between the student bodies and the officials and members of the faculties of our colleges – To foster allegiance to the American Osteopathic Association and to perpetuate these principles and the teachings through the maintenance and development of this organization

Our Mission: “To become a pillar of service within our community”


PRESIDENT: Melissa Zhang


SECRETARY: Madison Grossman

TREASURER: Abdulmuhaimin Khatib


  • Sigma Sigma Phi inducts new members into the National Osteopathic Medicine Honors Fraternity
  • SSP is partnering with the Erie NAMI organization to provide LECOM students with a free, virtual Youth Mental Health First Aid Training certification to combat the growing mental health crisis affecting in the youth population in America.
  • SSP is partnering with the Erie Community Blood Bank to host a LECOM Blood Drive to mitigate the critical blood shortage impacting the community.
  • SSP is partnering with the Erie NAMI organization to provide LECOM students with a free, virtual Adult Mental Health First Aid Training certification to combat the growing mental health crisis in America.


Women’s Health & Medical Society

Club Description

The Women’s Health & Medical Society serves to:

  1. Promote the principles of osteopathic medicine in the pursuit of excellence in women’s health and wellbeing 
  2. Support the local community through service and responsible advocacy
  3. Provide professional fellowship for LECOM students
  4. Construct a collaborative network for students, faculty, and alumni mentors in the field of osteopathic obstetrics and gynecology


PRESIDENT: Francesca Rogozinski

VICE PRESIDENT: Karishma Kumar

SECRETARY: Morgan Morrison

TREASURER: Akanksha Devasigamani

MARKETING CHAIR: Jillian Calabro

CLUB ADVISOR: Dr. Diana Speelman

News & Events

  • Dr. Mary Crowe, DO, Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Jeniffer Couhglin, DO, Emergency Medicine, and Dr. Jeffress, MD, OB-GYN, MD plans to visit LECOM on 10/18/2023. These physicians are in various fields of medicine to create a Female Physician Panel. They will be speaking…
  • Easter Baskets for Premie Babies in Local Erie Hospitals Please join WHMS make Easter baskets for premature babies and families in Erie hospitals over easter! We will be collecting highly needed items for Grady’s Decision Non-Profit March 20- March 24. We will…
  • On June 24th, 2022 the United States Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe Vs. Wade, giving states the power to decide abortion laws. What does this mean for healthcare? What does this mean for students as future physicians? What are the reasonings…
  • Come join the Women’s Health and Medicine Society to learn about careers in Radiology! Currently, only about 25% of radiologists are women. The Women’s Health group at Allegheny General Hospital- Pittsburgh, and LECOM alum, will be speaking to WHMS-Erie about the perks…
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