Club Description

The Christian Medical and Dental Society (CMDA) is a national organization of physicians, dentists, and medical and dental students who strive to integrate their Christian beliefs within the health care that they provide. As a student chapter, CMDA attempts to achieve this through fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and communication with the local graduate chapter and the national office. CMDA encompasses five core themes to its mission, which are: (1) whole person medicine, (2) medical and dental ethics, (3) medical and dental missions, (4) medical and dental marriages, and (5) sharing our faith in Jesus Christ. With chapters in nearly every U.S. medical and dental school, CMDA provides opportunities for fellowship with other Christian health profession students at LECOM as well as at other schools.


President: Keziah Ann Thomas

Vice President: Maclyn Vasey

Treasurer/ Secretary: Emily Vo

Advisor: Dr. Leah Labranche

News & Events