Club Description

The mission of the ENT/Ophthalmology Club is to provide experience and informative resources in both the fields of ENT and Ophthalmology to students. We aim to have professionals from the field to come in monthly to give hands on training to students that may be interest in ENT/Ophthalmology. Along with this, our club will hold interactive clinics to aid in student learning. The purpose of our club is to not only give students an opportunity to learn about ENT/Ophthalmology first hand, but to educate and offer insight to the entire community.


President- Joseph Marzano

Vice President- Ducan Tallman

Secretary- Zerghania Berki

Treasurer- Anoohya Arkala

Events Coordinator: Edward Yoon

Club Advisor: Dr. Chris Buzas

News & Events

  • Lip Sync Battle is back, this time Virtually! Teams will be asked to submit videos of themselves performing lip sync prior to a certain date. Then, viewers will donate money to their favorite team! The team that receives the largest donation wins!
  • SOMA will be selling the Small Equipment package for students for the History and Physical course. The sale will be completed via an online link (
  • CMDA will be selling winter beanie hats, winter headbands, scarves and backpacks in our Winter Accessory Sale. Make sure to grab some winter LECOM gear to keep you warm as it starts to get colder out. These items also make great winter Holiday gifts!