Student American Association of Osteopathy

Club Description

The Student American Academy of Osteopathy has been organized by students of osteopathic medical colleges with 2 goals in mind. 

1) To acquire a better understanding of osteopathic principles, theories and practice, which include

  • helping students attain a maximum proficiency in osteopathic structural diagnosis and treatment
  • fostering a clear concept of clinical application of osteopathy in health and disease 

2) To improve public awareness of osteopathic medicine so that the community may better take advantage of the benefits provided by the complete health care concept of osteopathic medicine.


Jan – Dec 2022

President: Gabriela Buniowska

VP: Erin Pfeffer

Secretary: Karan Desair

Treasurer: Jacob Andersen

National Liaison: Natalie Chung

Jan – Dec 2021

PRESIDENT: Olivia Carll

VICE PRESIDENT: Christina Dukehart

SECRETARY: Prachi Mohapatra

TREASURER: Mitchell Casey

News & Events

  • This will be a review session for MS1 and MS2 students to help in preparation of OPP practicals. The MS1 Forum will occur from 5:30-6:30pm and the MS2 Forum will occur from 6:30-7:30 pm. These review sessions will occur every other week…
  • SAAO will be providing a sale of professional portable folding massage tables that will have great utilization as a tool to help optimize our OPP learning. We hope to provide a link to submit your orders for these tables soon! Tables will…
  • SAAO is offering a community service opportunity with the Be My Eyes app. This app helps the blind or visually impaired by placing them on a video call with a volunteer, who can help them with things like reading labels, checking expiration…
  • We are holding a T-shirt design contest. We are asking for clever /funny T-shirt designs that have an OPP focus. We are hoping to sell T-shirts with the winning design at Convocation as a fundraiser (if the final design and sale is…