A club where students are able to learn and continue practicing Spanish language skills, while offering opportunities to interact and practice Spanish with members in the community.


PRESIDENT: Olivia Pupiec

Leader of the organization; acts as a liaison for club/group members. Executes meetings with club members and e-board. Aids in providing opportunities for those in the club and strives to make connections within the community. 


VP: Liberty Lester

Aids president in executing club functions and in club communications


SECRETARY: Muhammad Alam

Keeps a complete up-to-date membership list all while keeping a record of the meeting minutes. Notifies members of meetings as well as aids in maintaining the club’s email.


TREASURER: Julia McKinney

Keeps an accurate record of all financial transactions. Collects dues (if applicable) and maintains appropriate account information in the club/group. 

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Communications Chair: Julia Davis

Aids in broadcasting emails, communicates with other groups on or off campus regarding possible collaborations.


Educational Chairs: Katherine Sanchez, Austen Rankin

Work in tandem to find resources that group members can utilize to enhance or improve their Spanish speaking skills. Aid in finding educational opportunities for the organization.


CLUB ADVISOR: Dr Leah Labranche